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Your Invitation to Complete Our Fact-Finding Survey

QAmC is designed to make life easier for the chefs, food assistants and QAs on the front line.
But to make our product truly revolutionary for you, we need your feedback.


We are conducting this survey so we can understand how your workplace operates and get feedback from you about the design of QAmC. This will help us build a product that will best answer your needs.


We are asking you to answer questions about your workplace and we understand this is extremely sensitive information. So we have designed the survey so that your answers are anonymous and not linked to you in any way whatsoever.

Register your Contact Details

At the end of the survey we will ask whether you would like to register your contact details. If you believe that QAmC could help you in your job we would love to keep in touch and provide you with occasional updates on QAmC as we get closer to having a product on the market. Again, these contact details are not connected in any way to your survey answers.

If you wish, please share the code with your colleagues at work or in the industry so they can fill out the survey too; the more results we get, the better we can make QAmC work for you.

Many thanks for helping us with our mission.

David Cox

To begin with, do you work in the:

Airline Catering Sector
Other Catering Sector

(you will need to enter your supplied password on the next page to gain entry to the survey)