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QAmC Survey:
Be Part of the Cook/Chill HACCP Revolution

Every cook/chill facility is unique. Help us design QAmC to be most effective in yours. If you are familiar with QAmC go straight to the survey.


QA meet Chef

Can’t find a system that will link the customer’s plate of food to its HACCP data, including the chef responsible for cooking each component?

QAmC will do this by generating a unique barcode for every batch of cooked or prepared food component, guiding the Chefs and QAs through the chilling, plating and/or regeneration process and digitally recording all CCPs.

QAmC - Dedicated Software, Q-Pack and Label Printer

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop ground-breaking solutions that liberate your chefs, give you unrivalled food traceability and save you money through operational efficiencies.

Why We are Different

Unlike our competitors, we have a unique and genuine connection to our clients by being industry professionals ourselves. We know first-hand how hard it is for you to achieve strict levels of HACCP compliance whilst also focussing on cooking and delivering world class food to your clients.

Your Invitation to Complete Our
Fact-finding Survey

QAmC is designed to make life easier for the chefs, food assistants and QAs on the front line. But to make our product truly revolutionary for you, we need your feedback.
Please complete our survey!

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Chef David Cox and QAmC

About Us

David Cox is an Executive Chef with over 20 years’ experience in airline, convention centre, events and fine dining catering.

Previously Executive Chef at Stix Catering in charge of Qantas 1st and Business Class International and Domestic and Etihad Airlines.

Recently founded Advanced Catering Solutions to solve problems he experienced day-in-day-out in cook/chill catering environments.

Werner Kimmeringer is a world-renowned airline and hotel catering specialist with over 40 years at Executive Chef level.

Being experienced in virtually every facet of airline catering and logistics means he brings huge value to ACS. He ensures that our products are developed with the operational requirements of clients around the globe in mind.

We’d love to hear from you

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a 17/4 New McLean St
Edgecliff 2027 NSW
p 0466 425 025
e david [at] advancedcateringsolutions.com